Organic Composting

The benefits of compost and overseed are many. Grass is a very needy plant – it requires considerable water to stay green, and food to stay healthy. By the end of the season, the turf has drawn quite a bit of the natural nutrients out of the soil (especially if you have not fertilized). By top-dressing your lawn with quality compost, you are introducing a fresh store of food for next spring. When top dressing with compost, add seed to the mix for a brand new crop of grass that will fi ll any voids left by summer stress. In the spring, when your lawn comes back to life you will notice a quicker return from dormancy and a lush look that will make all passers-by do a double take. A healthy lawn will not support weed growth.

Although the seed germination window is shorter in the spring, a lawn can be composted and over seeded when warmer temperatures return. If you choose to apply in spring just be sure to do it before temperatures get too hot, otherwise you will grow a sea of broad leaf weeds. Be sure to protect your investment, a regular fertilizer program that includes a pre-emergent to keep weeds from invading again is highly recommended. Enjoy the results of your eff orts, a green lawn is a simple pleasure that you will appreciate day after day.